Children's Preschool
Santa Cruz

420 Melrose Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA  95062

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A Safe, Caring, High-Quality Preschool

Welcome to Children's Preschool in Santa Cruz, CA.  We believe the foundation for a successful life begins with a child’s first experiences. That is why Children's Preschool is committed to providing a nurturing environment and a high-quality curriculum taught by qualified and caring teachers.

Our teachers recognize that play is the work of children and they learn best through hands-on activities with a variety of open ended materials

We give children the opportunity to learn problem solving and peaceful conflict resolution, demonstrate respect for each other, teach social responsibility and integrate an anti-bias perspective into every aspect of our program. Children’s Preschool we promote developmentally appropriate practices as we build the foundation for lifelong learning.


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Director Krishanie and our staff would love to talk to you. Call us at 425-7580 or contact us:  CONTACT
California  License Number  444411592
We Accept  CalWorks, Voucher,  HRA-AP, and Pace.
Our address is:  420 Melrose Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA  95062

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